The More Mastermind Is A Combination Of
One On One Coaching, Mentoring, And
A Mastermind, All Rolled Into One.
Would You Like To Have True Financial Independence
like Bryan Winston, and Michael Fitzgerald?

Michael Fitzgerald

The above check was the result of 1 of the 24 deals my son and I closed in the last 12 month's, as members of the Real Deal MeetUp Mastermind.
Take control of your financial independence...
"Vernon Bond & Nichole Watson, closed 15 deals in one year as a mastermind student, in the video below we spotlight one of the recent deals they rehabbed and stand to make over $160,000.

 Aaron Lee on his first deal he'll cash-flow out at about $5000 a month on a 4 unit auction deal he has under contract.
(Watch These 2 Short Videos "And decide for yourself if the Real Deal Meetup Mastermind is for you" )
Yes, these are real success stories from real mastermind students
And that's just a small sample of the many deals our mentoring students are doing .
"Are you ready join the ranks of the successful real estate investor"
"Bryan Winston, Made over $200K as a mastermind student, and Queen Hassan in her first 6 months as a mastermind student has already closed 7 real estate deals."
(Watch These 2 Short Videos "And decide for yourself if the Real Deal Meetup Mastermind is for you" )
Yes, these are real success stories from real mastermind students
And that's just a small sample of the many deals our mentoring students are doing .
"Are you ready join the ranks of the successful real estate investor"
Who Want's More?
Are you ready to embrace the feeling of SUCCESS?
No THEORY here, 
Just real students, doing real deals...
When The Student Is Ready
The Teacher Will Appear...

And when you're ready to join the Real Deal Meetup More Mastermind, we have the best of the best ready to mentor you...
Charles Blair
Bill Fell
Valarie Scott
If not now "WHEN?:
Real Deal MeetUp

From The Desk Of Charles Blair "The Mad Scientist"

Dear Applicant,

Real Deal MeetUp Mastermind group is your best chance to work with the most brilliant successful business minds in the MD, DC and VA region, share insider information and form lasting partnerships and joint ventures that can last a lifetime.

Mentors like, Charles Blair,  Bill Fell and Valarie Scott

Charles, and the entire mastermind team believe there is no better avenue for real estate investing success then this program, designed specifically, To help real estate investors, and professionals of all levels achieve and further advance the success they strive for in their real estate business.

The Real Deal MeetUp MORE Mastermind is the natural progression of that philosophy.

Zig Ziglar once said. “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”. This is exactly what the Real Deal MeetUp Mastermind group will do for you and your business, help you realize MORE-Time, MORE-Success and MORE-Wealth.

Success Is In The Room
The Real Deal MeetUp Mastermind has four simple goals in mind.

To bring together the brightest real estate, marketing and business minds of this new, exciting economy together to share strategies, offer advice and reveal what’s working (and what’s not working) in businesses a few times each year.

To nurture business partnerships and joint ventures between all of us that increases the level of success and lifestyle of every person involved.

To create a support group of entrepreneurs who each intimately understand the struggles, challenges and joys of building a lasting enterprise and one where no brother is ever left alone.

The Dumbest Guy In The Room
It’s been said over and over again that we become who we associate with the most. That’s why I have always tried my best to spend the bulk of our time with people smarter, more experienced and ultimately more successful than we are.

In short, I want to always be the dumbest person in the room.

And that’s important, because at the end of the day it’s really not WHAT you know or even WHO you know…it’s who knows YOU and who you ultimately connect with.

The real strength of the group comes from its diversity. wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords, real estate agents and brokers, lawyers (yes we allow a few) and seasoned CEO’s are just a smattering of what drives this amazing group.

Every meeting you’ll learn something new that you can apply to each persons different businesses, And along those lines, you need to know that…
No Untested Theories Allowed
These are NOT people that just sit around talking about untested theories, but rather, the real people who are in the trenches running multi-­‐million dollar businesses every single day.

Every Real Deal MeetUp MasterMind member is REQUIRED to share their victories as well as their embarrassing failures in great detail. You have to be willing to share. If this bothers you, please don’t apply.

One great idea executed is worth 1000 ordinary ones. Executing on a single strategy from MORE mastermind can return your entire year’s investment in a moment, and to hear most members tell it, this happened dozens of times during EVERY single meeting

The opportunities are right in front of you for the taking, so you and your team can carbon copy the success of your peers, and achieve much higher levels of success.

But don’t worry, Real Deal Meetup MasterMind isn’t all work. We also know how to have a good time as you’ll soon see…
What Being Inside The MasterMind Looks Like...

...As a member of MORE MasterMind you get:
  • FOUR 2-Day Masterminds with Charles, and other like-minded, high-performing entrepreneurs. The mastermind sessions are YOUR time to work ON your business and not IN your business. The focus of the group will be to focus you in on the most relevant strategies for growing your real estate business, wholesaling, rehabbing, buy n hold investing, marketing, automation, working with virtual assistants, ,  while creating systems that allow you to work less and take more time off. Members are encouraged to bring a spouse, partner, or key team member, the next class begins on (September 29, 30 2018.)
  • 1 Year of 1-on‐1 Coaching, with Charles,  when you need them. (Just not when we are sleeping :-) No Limits, No Bull, No Strings Attached you'll have total access to Charles for help to analyze, negotiate, structure your business and close your deals.
  • 1 YEAR ACCESS to the Mastermind Membership Portal: Get instant access to hundreds of hours of private training videos, audios, tools and resources to help you succeed. covering topics like, wholesaling, rehabbing, marketing, buy n hold investing, marketing, and a whole lot more.
  • Charles's Done For You - PODIO -  Real Estate Business Set-Up: How would you like to have your real estate business set-up for you? This comes FREE, when you're a member of the Mastermind? My team will set-up your Podio (CRM) Database for you, to systematize the process of lead generation, marketing and a whole lot more.
  • Done-For-You - Short Sales: That's right one of the faculty members is no other then the foremost expert on short sales in the entire region. Valerie Scott - Valerie and her  entire is at your disposal, and as part of your membership
  • Access to the MORE MasterMind private Facebook group, where you can network with your fellow Mastermind members, get damn near any question answered almost immediately. (This one is a member favorite.)
  • Weekly Mastermind Accountability sessions, These sessions are designed to share “what’s working now” and for you to commit to the group what you’re going to accomplish in the next 7 days, so we can hold you accountable to getting things done.
  • Specially invited guest experts at the Mastermind events to help you focus on getting more leads, traffic, customers, sales, and attention.
  • Are you ready for a HOME with like‐minded entrepreneurs, that fully understand what you are going through, and more importantly how to get to the next level.It’s like walking through a minefield with an experienced guide with a bad-ass metal detector. No matter what you’re dealing with or where you want to go, there will be someone in the group who’s been there.
If You Want One-On-One Coaching With No Strings Attached Then The Real Deal Meetup Mastermind Is For Your...
With Your Mastermind Membership, You'll Get Your Entire Real Estate Business, setup-for-you, FREE...
The Number 1 Real Estate CRM
  • Automate Your Real Estate Business
  • Automate Your Lead Capture Process
  • Automate Making Offers
  •  Automate Analyzing Properties
  •  Automate Getting Leads From The Internet
  •  Automate, text message and email followup
FREE when you join the Mastermind.
When You Join The Mastermind, You'll Get EXCLUSIVE Access To Hundreds Of Hours Of Training Videos, Tools & Resources, in our PRIVATE Mastermind Portal...
Tools & Resources
  • Training videos on wholesaling, rehabbing, buy n hold investing, and how to be a transaction engineer.
  •  Auto analyzing spreadsheets.
  •  How to work with virtual assistants
  •  Videos on How to Estimate repairs
  •  How to analyze real estate deals
  •  Training on systemizing and automating your real estate business.
FREE when you join the Mastermind...
Private Facebook Mastermind Community
Get access to my secret Facebook group, an EXCELLENT place to get deals, and advice from your fellow mastermind members that are already CRUSHING IT in their markets regardless of the competition
But the most important  reason why you should the Real Deal Mastermind, My Students Are Closing Deals... 
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If You Want One-On-One, Coaching With No Strings Attached Then The Real Deal Meetup Mastermind Is For Your...
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